Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover
Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover
Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover
Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover

Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover

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You thought our Minky Seat Belt Cover was soft. Our Padded Minky Seat Belt Cover takes it to a whole other level. Designed with a 14-inch long pouch filled with genuine polyfil stuffing (the same as what we use in our minky stuffed animals), this seat belt cover functions more as a pillow than a mere cover. Attach this to your seat belt with the four high quality snaps and you have a soft minky pillow for those long summer vacation road trips. Especially useful for the kids so they can comfortably snooze for a few miles of quiet bliss.

As with all of our products, you're free to let us know what minky you want used for your Padded Seat Belt Covers. Just tell us in the boxes provided and we'll be sure you get exactly what you're looking for.

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