Luxe Plush

Prestige Luxe Plush: The Classic Luxe-on-Luxe

A single full cut of luxurious minky on front and back. The simplest, snuggliest way to enjoy your favorite minky, yet still capable of making a bold and beautiful statement regarding your style.
Request any custom combination you want, using the front/back combo options below as a starter and the following table as a guide to the possible minky options in each tier.
 Signature Luxe
Premier Plush Ultimate Plush
Basic Luxe Cuddle Juneau Sharpei
Basic Snuggle Radiant Chinchilla
Rabbit Fur Cypress Dreamy Bunny
Koala Arctic Rabbit Puffin
Seal Vienna Arctic Fox
Dakota Joey Pom Pom
Malibu Frosted Koala Sable
Frosted Four Seasons Milan
Frosted Seal