Things You May Want To Know About Our Company

Most likely you have at least a couple questions about us, the items we make and how our company does business. Hopefully you can find the answers you're looking for here. If not, please feel free to message us directly.

About Minky

What minky is, what minky we use and how we price our minky products.

Minky is a unique type of plush fabric, comparable to fleece but silkier and typically with a greater pile length, which is what lends itself to warmth and softness. It is a 100% polyester (synthetic) fiber, as opposed to natural cotton fiber. As such, it is more resistant to shrinking or wrinkling, as well as being typically more durable and quick drying, too.

We source all of our minky from two main wholesalers (who each require a valid business license for wholesale purchasing): Shannon Fabrics and EZ Fabrics.

Spoonflower is an on-demand digital printing company. They provide custom print on multiple products, including fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap. Essentially, almost any artistic design can be printed on the chosen fabric, either through uploading a design directly, or choosing a design created by one of thousands of independent artists available through Spoonflower. Because the process is fully custom, completed Spoonflower prints are more expensive than a typical minky print fabric. This is why utilizing a Spoonflower-derived print in your blanket or other minky item incurs an additional charge.

This is a very good question and important information to know if you want to make your minky last. Minky can be washed, but on a delicate cycle and with cold water. NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER when washing your minky. The chemicals in the fabric softener will ruin minky fibers. Also, it’s best to allow your minky to air dry after washing. You can machine dry it if absolutely necessary, but only on an Air Fluff setting. Never machine dry with heat.

Minky can shed a bit when it’s new, and it’s pretty normal to find fibers left behind from your minky blanket. However, a wash or two will normally alleviate most of the shedding. If you continue to have issues with shedding feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you to make sure you have a blanket you can be proud of.

About Prestige Minky

Some specific things you may want to know about our unique company.

We first opened an Etsy shop in early 2020. We officially became a registered LLC in the summer of 2020. We launched our website in April 2021.

We operate out of northern Utah. Our main source of business is right here on our website, We also continue to maintain a place on Etsy with a limited selection of products, but here on our website is where you’ll find our full range of product offerings.

We’re still very new as a company, so we’re small. Our only employees are co-owners Cara and her husband, Jared. We're also beginning to partner with a few amazing independent contractor seamstresses who help us with production.

No, we currently do not, though we do have a Facebook page that we update fairly regularly, which you are welcome to follow. Because we focus our business more heavily on individual custom projects we don’t feel live shows work the best for us.

We can pretty much customize any item we offer. It there’s a particular color or style of minky you want us to use, whether for a blanket, pillow, pillow cover, or even any of our stuffed animals, just let us know and we can do that for you. It really is up to you.

Our business is mostly based around custom work, but we also offer Ready-to-Ship items occasionally, as well. We have plans to expand our selection of ready-made blankets, so check back with us from time to time to see what we have on offer. Most of our business, however, will remain centered around providing custom minky items for our customers.


Things you may want to know about how we make our products.

Most minky companies sell pre-made blankets, either through Facebook Live shows or on their websites. While it’s possible to find something you like on a Facebook Live show, you often spend hours on the show waiting for a blanket you like to show up, and even then you may not get it if you’re not quick enough to claim it. And if we’re being honest, you’re still probably not getting exactly what you want. There are just too many different types and colors of minky out there. What we offer is a completely different experience. We don’t do Facebook Live shows. We started out allowing our customers to tell us what kind of blanket they wanted, and exactly what minky they wanted us to use. Our company’s Founder, Cara, also began designing many of her own intricate, quilt-style patterns
to give her customers a variety of blankets to choose from, as well as their choice of minky. And that’s what we’ve continued to do. You can browse our site and view all of the different blanket patterns we offer, pick the one you love, then tell us what minky to make your perfect blanket out of. We work with you every step of the way, to ensure you get the exact minky blanket of your dreams.

Many variables factor into the amount of time it takes to complete a custom blanket. The major factor is the availability of the minky you choose for your blanket. Because there are so many colors, styles and patterns of minky, it’s hard to have every option in stock at all times. We try to have a large selection already on hand, but occasionally we’ll have to order one or more of your selections from one of our wholesalers. In these instances it then depends on how quickly the wholesaler can ship the minky to us. Popular selections are often on backorder and can be a couple of weeks to a couple of months out. In these cases we’ll be open with you on what the time frame is and when you might expect work on your blanket to actually begin. Once we have all the minky on hand production depends on the complexity and size of the blanket. A Luxe Plush or Luxe Print blanket can be completed in a day or two, while a Crown Label can take 5-8 business days. King and Queen sizes will typically add an additional day or two to production times.

When Prestige Minky was first created in the summer of 2020, all of our items were designed and crafted by our company Founder, Cara Briscoe. As we’ve continued to grow and get busier, however, we’ve begun to add independent contractor seamstresses to help sew our blankets. Because one of our guiding philosophies is to produce the highest in quality craftsmanship, we are very selective regarding who helps us sew items for our customers. We choose seamstresses who have several years of experience sewing in general, and at least a year or two of sewing with minky. We also provide training to our seamstresses on various techniques regarding sewing with various types of minky, as well as item-specific tips to ensure our quality is consistent across the board.

No. All work is done locally in northern Utah.

No, never. We use only high quality luxe minky in all of our products. The only exception would be if a customer has a specific request to use an additional material as part of their custom design. Otherwise, we only use minky.