Prestige Custom Blankets

Here is Where You Can Experience the Beauty of Custom Minky

At Prestige Minky we offer a decidedly different experience. While we do offer a handful of pre-made minky blankets as part of our Ready To Ship collection, our particular philosophy is that rather than try to tell our customers what they want, we'd rather they told us. Every individual has different tastes and color preferences, different moods they want to evoke, different visions for their home.
Which is why the bulk of our business is done via custom work. As you can see, we offer a multitude of pre-designed patterns to choose from, but each may be customized any way you wish. You pick exactly the minky you want in your blanket and we’ll work with you on a finalized design to ensure you get exactly what you desire.
Your blanket. Your vision. It’s how we feel the best minky blankets are done. This is the Beauty of Custom Minky. This is Prestige Minky.