Prestige Gallery

Carefully Curated For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Here you will be able to sample all the myriad of ways your minky dream can be customized. These are all real examples of customer orders, designed and crafted to their specific requests. So relax and take a moment to enjoy this gallery and let your imagination begin to fly.

Royal Plush - Patchwork Dream

Latte Joey, Mushroom Four Seasons, Snow Pearl Leopard, Off-White Four Seasons & Chocolate Almond Frosted Bermuda

Shades of Sharpei

Silver Mink Chinchilla, Charcoal Snow Chinchilla, Silver Sharpei, White Sharpei & Charcoal Sharpei

Vintage Violet Sharpei, Agave Sharpei, Mulberry Sharpei & Mulberry Dreamy Bunny

Charcoal/White Snow Chinchilla, Black Milan, Charcoal Sharpei, White Sharpei & Silver Sharpei

Crown Label

Queen & King Size Bedroom Pillowcases

Crown Label - Kaleidoscope

All Seal

All Hide

All Wild Rabbit

Custom Double-Sided Sharpei Patchwork & Strip

White & Black Sharpei, Silver Mink Chinchilla, Silver Snow CHinchilla, Navy Snow Chinchilla & Charcoal Snow Chinchilla

Penny the Pony

Luxe Plush - Frosted Koala & Sharpei

Crown Label - Eternity

Driftwood Wild Rabbit, Ivory Glacier, Beige Fawn & Mocha Sorbet

Western Theme Eden's Secret Strip

Crown Label - Garden Steps Weave

Navy Frosted Hide, Navy Fawn, Navy Ridge Navy Snowy Owl, Jeans Frosted Zebra & Alloy Luna

Crown Label - Parquet

While Bella, Blush Leopard, Silver Lining Wild Rabbit & Hot Pink Glacier

All Sharpei Custom Strip

Silver Mink Chinchilla, Off-White Sharpei, Rosewater Sharpei & Silver Sharpei

Crown Label - Simple Elegance

Plumwine Glacier, Black Ziggy, Silver Weave, Black Boa, Merlot Demi Rose, Grey Frosted Zebra, Silver Koala, Black Dune, White Bella, Silver Lining Wild Rabbit, Black/White Rose & Smoke Paloma

Custom Strip

Caviar Seal, Black Lattice, Silver Demi Rose & Cardinal Seal Lace

Crown Label - Starshine

Mardigras Sorbet, Purple Frost & Bright Lime Bella

Easter "Peep" Bunnies

Royal Plush - Patchwork Dream

Cardinal Forest Fox, Red Four Seasons, Charcoal Koala, Cloud Seal & Black Glacier

Crown Label - Marbled Weave

Aqua Galaxy, Snow Seal, Mallard Snowy Owl, Saltwater Frosted Hide, Aquarius Hide & Silver Siberian Leopard

Crown Label - All Basil

Basil Glacier, Basil Snowy Owl, Basil Mirage & Basil Oxford

Kissable Lips Decorative Pillows

Wine Jupiter

Sand Leopard

Lipstick Jupiter

Royal Plush

Patchwork Dream - All Sorbet

Red Plum, Gumball, Very Berry & Polar Ice Sorbet

Patchwork Dream

Cherished Heart Decorative Pillows

Frosted Lynx & Chocolate Seal

Sepia Paloma & Chocolate Seal

Nine Iron Wild Rabbit & Chocolate Seal

Crown Label - All Wild Rabbit

Sand, Nine Iron, Driftwood & Silver Lining

Crown Label

Marbled Weave

Marbled Weave

Royal Plush

Patchwork Dream

Chambray Heather, Cardinal Glacier & Ivory Glacier

Patchwork Dream

Royal Plush - Eden's Secret

Loganberry Seal, Vanillaberry Sorbet & White Koala

Crown Label

Simple Elegance

Misty Mauve Oxford, Woodrose Glacier, Berry Hide, Rosewater Paloma, Rosewater Snowy Owl, Elderberry Hide & Woodrose Demi Rose

Simple Elegance

Silver Lining Wild Rabbit & Navy Sharpei

Loganberry Seal & Silver-White Snow Chinchilla

Mallard Snowy Owl & Silver Lining Wild Rabbit

Prestige Crown Label

Vanillaberry Sorbet, Alloy Snowy Owl, Berry Hide & Silver Lining Wild Rabbit

Royal Plush

Custom Strip

Crown Label


Red Bella, Snow Brooklyn & Saphire Galaxy


Blush la vi en Rose & Snow Lattice

Scarlett la vi en Rose & Scarlett Demi Rose

Blush la vi en Rose & Hot Pink Demi Rose

Crown Label



Crown Label


Sapphire Galaxy, Golden Brooklyn, Caviar Seal & Vapor Luna (colors inspired by Harry Potter)


Royal Plush
Patchwork Dream

RIP Aztec (Spoonflower Print), Pecan, Ginger, Teal & Ivory Glacier

Crown Label - Garden Steps Weave

Autumn Inspired

Ginger Glacier, Chocolate Oxford, Loden Lune, Golden Brooklyn, Chocolate Frost & Wine Four Seasons

Great Outdoors

Natural Snowy Owl, Chestnut Forest Fox, Natural Hide, Ivy Heather, Gator Ridge, Camel Zebra & Taupe Glacier

Coastal Shoreline

Navy Glacier, White Brooklyn, Natural Snowy Owl, Bluebell Frost, Camel Frosted Zebra & Skyline Ridge

Frosted Koala

Wildberry Forest Fox, Frosted Purple Koala, Almond Whistler, Pecan Glacier, Almond Seal & Coffee Bean Ridge

Full Frosted Purple Koala Backing

For Love of Sorbet

Teal Glacier, Jelly Bean Heather, Mermaid Sorbet, Iris Glacier & Salt Water Heather

Full Mermaid Sorbet Backing

Gator Nation

Lava Galaxy, Royal Hide, Blue Paloma, Royal Glacier, Tangerine Hide & Navy Frosted Hide

Royal Plush

Patchwork Dream

Shadow Heather, Moonbeam Heather, Ivory Black Lapin, Sterling Black Silver Fox, Black Tiger Seal, Salt & Pepper Lace Seal, Nine Iron Wild Rabbit, Night Frost, Charcoal Grey Embossed Chevron & Black/Gold Metallic Sparkle

Patchwork Dream

Crown Label - Precious Light

Mallard Galaxy, Navy Glacier, Alloy Luna, Navy Snowy Owl, & Mallard Snowy Owl

Silver Four Seasons, Black Four Seasons, Mallard Dynasty, Spearmint Frosted Hide, Alloy Frosted Hide & Titan Frosted Hide

Royal Plush Patchwork Dream - All Sorbet

Tidal Wave, Razzle Dazzle, Mermaid, Mystic & Unicorn Sorbet

Crown Label


Mauve Ridge, Sangria Heather Hide, Woodrose Demi Rose, Rosewater Frost, Rose Crystal Iced Chinchilla, Plum Wine Glacier