Our Company Philosophy

It Begins With You

At Prestige Minky, our goal is to elevate your minky experience, to raise your expectations of what a minky company, and a minky blanket, can be. We feel that the minky you acquire should bring joy into your home and be a source of pride and gratification, while at the same time reflecting your own singular personality.

Royal Plush

Patchwork Dream

Blush, Plum, Navy, Purple & Charcoal Frosted Koala

Patchwork Dream

Prestige Minky was founded on the idea that your minky should be exactly what you are looking for. It should be unique, an embodiment of your vision, your style. It was with this concept in mind that we established our process of full customization, where you, the customer, are free to choose exactly the minky you want. You shouldn’t be expected to settle. We’re committed to working with you to help you bring your minky dream to life. At Prestige Minky, you’re invited to participate in the process, to ensure the item you receive delights you to your core.

Your minky should live up to the highest standards of craftsmanship. It should be something that can be treasured, something you will be proud to display for years to come. You should expect the highest quality stitching, an attention to detail and the satisfaction of genuine luxe minky with no substitutes. When you bring an item into your home with the Prestige Minky label on it, you should expect no less than something that amazes, something that will elevate and enhance the warmth and joy of your home.

Prestige Crown Label

Marbled Weave

Aqua Galaxy, Snow Seal, Mallard Snowy Owl, Saltwater Frosted Hide, Aquarius Hide & Silver Siberian Leopard

Marbled Weave

So welcome, and thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to look around and discover all we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to message us with any questions you may have. We think you’ll be excited by the multitude of ways we provide for you to express yourself through minky.

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